Saturday, December 6th, 2014


I haven’t checked it out closely but tiny little shimmering spots are covered my now naked bloom-in -spring cherry tree outside my office window.  It looks like ice!   It’s raining and the sky is soupy gray.
It could bring on depression.  Instead I’m burning my outside patio lights, spiffing up my apartment.
Later on I’ll visit my friends in health care, probably watch a little football, and do some nuzzling with my best friend Ms. Cleo.  If the mood strikes me just right I’ll get to work on my Christmas cards and if the fog lifts I need a few Walmart items.
Tomorrow is the second Sunday of Advent.  Are you standing on tiptoe ready to receive God’s gracious, all inclusive gift?
Lord, wipe out the cow webs that clutter my faith journey and quicken me with Your presence.  Amen