Friday, December 5, 2014


Today was the day I had set aside to get a new Christmas decoration for my door, necessitating a trip some two or more miles from my home.  It looked foggy outside but I thought it would change once I got on the road.  Change it did but all for the worse!
I had four must do jobs I wanted to accomplish.  I cut it down to three deciding Russian hot tea wasn’t essential. I tell you I breathed a sigh of relief when Ms. Cleo, my beagle, and I got back safely to Breowview, 33.
WE call it Club 51.  It’s the party room for Browview @ Alexian Village, the regular bridge playing place for most of Alexian’s bridge players.
Tonight the residents of Browview will put on their finest and we’ll dine together.  We’re sure to have fun.  Good food, good friends always add up to happy times.

Cleo howls, “Merry Christmas, where’s the treats, Mom?”