Fed  Ms. Cleo and then took her outside to take care of her necessities.  Came back in, a little before 7 a.m., retrieved the morning paper, and began reading it as I had my breakfast.  I migrated toward the couch after eating and continued to work the puzzle page.  Somewhere around 9 o’clock I heard Betty’s voice bringing back to reality.  I scrambled up sand began preparing the premises for her clean-up tasks.

I decorated my patio tree and am hoping I have it anchored securely.

Tonight along with Jean and Joe Petree I attended the pot luck Christmas dinner sponsored by our Chattanooga Writer’s Guild.  I read the first page and the last paragraph of my upcoming book,
Behind Enemy Lines.  It was a good experience.!

Tomorrow’s agenda consists of bowling and working on Christmas cards.

Alan will be here on Friday evening—sheer joy.