Sunday, December 14, 20014



Advent is about joy.  But our times seem little suited for rejoicing.  Our culture irritates and entertains, intoxicates and numbs, but rejoicing seems like a foreign idea.  You can’t do it on cue.  Joy can’t be bought and sold.  You can’t plan for it or train for it.
                                           It doesn’t fit into a well-ordered life.
Joy is new life beating in a heart that has been broken.  Joy is awakening to a fair morning from a nightmare of reality.  Joy is a flight sunward on wings you had forgotten you had.  Joy is the sound of laughter erupting from a procession of grief.
                                          Joy is God’s melody amid the discords of life,
                                          a song carrying the rhythm of eternity,
                                          touching the chords of longing in our soul—
—–copied from our church bulletin at First Baptist, Chattanooga, TN, December 14, 2014