December 19, 2014


The newspapers and T.V. spots will be loaded with after Christmas sales.  Once again people will rush to the stores in hopes of getting a great item at half its original price.  I tip my hat to the merchandise movers in our country.  They sure know the trigger words.  Say the word sale and we begin salivating.  Tell us an item is 1/2 off and we immediately need it.  Never mind it wasn’t on kurt want or must have list.
I’ve always been a sucker for the newest gadget on the market for household chores.  Tell me it’s improved, easier to use, and does a better job and you get my attention.  Slowly I’m learning to turn a deaf ear to the sales pitches and to concentrate on getting rid of things I haven’t used in a decade.
Today I’m remembering the host of friends where I live who struggle daily with health issues, being separated from family, depression, limited income and mounting bills,  and being lonely.

Two deer linger by my entry door.