Sunday night, 9:30 p.m.
December 21, 2014


We started the Advent season waiting and hoping God would once again quicken our hearts, causing us to believe in a God of impossibilities.  We moved on the next week to include the candle of peace.  Can there be peace on earth?  Can there even be peace among among Christians?  If we believe in a God of impossibilities there answer has to be yes.  So we try a little harder and listen for God promptings.  Then we add the candle of joy.  We’re not about slapstick funny he haws.  No sir-tee.  We remembering a joy that lifts us beyond our hurts, our griefs, our disappointments.  Today we added to the advent wreath the candle of love.  Without love all our actions become a big flat zero.  When we do something for someone out of love, however small we may deem it to be it always hits its mark and has lasting results.

Mary said, “Here am I, Lord.  Begin your work in me.”