When your life is in its fourth quarter every little nuance of change is a big deal.  Yesterday I went from Signal Mountain, Tennessee to Hamilton Mall in Chattanooga.  That’s probably about a twenty to twenty five miles roundtrip.  Mind you I wasn’t driving.  I had two items on my “to do” list: consult with Mac Authority about an issue with my iPad and to spend my $75.00  Christmas gift certificate.

We arrived at the mall at 10:30 a.m. I started out with IMac.   We’d planned to meet at 12:00 for a bite to eat.  Mac Authority”s customer service has to be among the highest in the nation.
All I wanted to do was to get my iPad where it would rotate.  He tried wall sorts of things.
Bottom line  my iPad isn’t going to rotate!  My now it was around 11:20.  I rushed to to my gift store.  Thank goodness I knew what I wanted.  Cross out the exercise suit.  they didn’t have any in petites.  So I opted for Keillh’s body lotion and a pair of earrings.  It sure is easy to spend $75.00!

My two buddies were just getting warmed up to shopping.  So I hunkered down at the local Barnes and Nobel and had a grand time exploring the latest offerings in the children’s department.

We left around 2:30 for home and something from Mother Nation was spitting on our windshield.  The closer and closer we got to Signal we knew it was snowing.  
 It was, as the native’s sway, only a dusting.  Tiny or not it was our first snow of 2015.