I left home around 1:15 so I could be at the old Rossville Gymnasium where a proclamation by the Mayor of Rossville proclaiming today, January 17th, as Coach Murdock Day.  I’m not a good crowd estimator but it seemed to bee at least 300 present, not counting those who had already come and left and those yet to arrive.  When I receive a better estimate I’ll let you know.
Beth, his daughter, was at the door to greet everyone.  Thanks to Face Book I recognized her immediately.  Mark was a different story.  Only his shiny eyes ands ready smile reminded me of the little fellow I knew as a third grader who was determined to master the chin up bar that extended over my entry door to my classroom.  He didn’t take no for an answer and was out to prove his physical prowess.
I’m not surprised Beth teaches English to gifted children today in Florida.  She was well on her way in creative writing as a third grader!
It’s so good to see people who consider teaching and coaching as a life calling get their reward while they able to relish it.
Thank you, Rossville for honoring a teacher who has blessed the lives of so many and thank you Beth and Mark for making this day possible for us all.