Juanita is one of those Christians that leaves a lasting impression for good on those who know her.  The family of Bahar Yousef is forever in her debt.  The Yousef family had been brought to America and had been left pretty much on their own to make it or to wind up as a helpless, hopeless immigrant family.

Before coming to America , along with her ten children, Bahar lived in a refugee camp for two years.  Bahar’s husband had been taken at gunpoint by the Iraqi forces and executed. This was during the reign of Sadam Hussein.  

Subsistenance in the refugee camp was running out. The authorities in charge gave her two choices:  she could return to Iraqi or try to secure passage to America. 

Bahar  decided to move to America.  They arrived in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1991.

Get the big picture in 1991:  None of them speaks English and none of them have any work skills.  Most of the children are under twelve.    They had been placed in a sub-standard house with a landlord who took advantage of their circumstances.  They did have a green card so they had food.

Then Mildred Fox, Jaunita Grainger and some other ladies from First Baptist, Chattanooga, entered the picture.  A loving ministry between the Yousef family and First Baptist began in August of 1993 and continues until today, January 2015. 

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