Over five months ago a friend of mine, Dreama  Vineyard, fell down the stair steps in her home.  She called for her husband Wayne but he didn’t hear her.  She must have blacked out.  Sometimes later that day Wayne found her and called an ambulance.  He drove behind the ambulance and wound up in a car accident doing much damage to his vehicle but little damage to him personally.
For weeks Dreama existed in a “no man’s land” with physicians and caregivers feeling her recovery was almost nil. However, Wayne keep marking each tiny reflex and signs of improvement.  Ever so gradually things began to look better.
FLASH FORWARD:  Dreama moved to the 7th floor at Alexcian Health Care.  Her progress bass been amazing, incredible, unbelievable!
She could talk and now it’s hard to hush  her up.  She had to be fed through a tube and now she’s eating solid food.  Now she taking physical therapy and making good, solid progress.
I visited her a week ago and when she wanted doe water I had to hold the cup up to her mouth.  Today I handed her the cup and with a steady hand she did the rest.
The story behind this miracle is God.  To be sure Dreama, Wayne, the capable 7th floor staff, a countless host of praying people—-all figure into the healing equation.
Ultimately her healing journey is in God’s hands.  He has looked with great favor upon Dreama and we all say, THANKS BE TO GOD!’