Betty and I weren’t bosum friends.  We weren’t bridge partners nor swimming buddies.  
So what will I miss about her?
Betty was a fighter.  She’d return home after some debilitating sickness and I’d see her out faithfully walking to regain her stamina.  I like fighters!
Betty loved life.  She was the epitome, in the best sense of the word, of a southern lady.
Give Betty some music and good dancing shoes and she’d compete with the best of the dancers.  Betty seemed passionate about dancing.
Betty was cultured and refined both in her attire and home setting.
Her circle of friends attest to her giving, supportive nature: 
Signal Mountain, dear friends from Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church, causes she espoused with her presence and contributions, her Alexian family, and most of all her children, grandchildren, and most of all the man she loved and spent 60 plus years of life with–ED
When I think of Betty Lusk I’ll think of someone who was beautiful on the outside and on the inside.