MARCH 18-19TH, 2015

I have a copy of Behind Enemy Lines near by computer as I type in this blog message.
My 200 copies arrived today somewhere between 230-4:00P.M.
Behind Enemy Lines is the story of Bobby who faces two battle,  one  is a secret known only to him and the other one is well documented.  Does he ever divulge his secret? Ho does he deal with being “man of the house” when his Confederate papa leaves to do battle with the Yankees.
It is a good read for any one 10-up.
Behind Enemy Lines sells for $12.00 for one copy or two for $20.00.
My email address is: and I can be reached by phone at 423 551 8074.  If I have to mail you a copy I’ll have to charge you $14.00 for postage.
I hope to hear from many of you!