APRIL 12, 2015

It started with  Maundy  sand Good Friday services. and ended with me playing Easter bunny to hundreds of Signal Mountains kids accompanied by their parents with photo ops abounding.
Easter is always a thrill.  For some reason I felt my heart would burst with joy.
A visit to my eye doctor and my vision was once again 20-20.  Tuesday was my author book signing night at Alexian and went super well.
On Wednesday I bowled better than I have in several years and even racked up a turkey.  For my non-bowling friends that’s three strikes in a row!
My critique editor friends wants me to appear on her web page.
TODAY  I was transported back to the 60’s or was it the 70″s when Celebrate Life, a Christian musical, was so popular among Baptists.  For a while I wasn’t at FBC, Chattanooga.  Instead I was a FBC, Rossville, with my husband, the pastor, and Bill His our music director.
I loved Celebrate Life then and I love Celebrate Life now!
The Word of God for the people of God.  Thanks be to God!