How you know when you’re getting old.  I mean really old?  Someone I knew as a third or fourth grader is now a budding star in the Hamilton County Opera Singers.
James Harr was a star student at North Rossville Elementary where I taught.  His younger brother John use to serve as a student aid in my Special Education class.  John was also a star pupil  and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia.
Here was James on Thursday night, one of four singer specialist with the Symphony’s presentation of major portions of the Messiah at First Centenary United Methodist Church in downtown Chattanooga!
That face alone tells me I’m very old!
Also spotlighted on the program was Penny Tullock, alto soloist, for the presentation.  When Penny’s former husband was pastor of the church my husband pastored for 18 years(First Baptist of Rossville)  Penny and David came to our church to serve after my husband retired.  We had a feast of Penny’s music every Sunday!

That was as we say in the South many moons ago.