SUNDAY MAY 17, 2015

book sales
Behind Enemy Lines

I’m now selling two to four books a week.  Hopefully I’ll do better this week.  I have a session at my retired teacher’s group and will leave ten copies with the Rossville Library.


Don’t quit your day job expecting to hit it rich on your children’s book sales.  Many make a good living at selling children’s book they write but they’re the exception not the rule.
Keep the title of your book short.
Read, read, read!  But let your reading be selective.  Choose children’s book that are similar to the age group you want to write far.  Don’t spin all your time reading mystery books if you want to write historical fiction.
Read first to enjoy the story and then read the book again to see how it starts  Pay close attention to their hook and how they dive right into the problem as well as how they give you a sense of the books setting.

People I work with tell me if you need to engage your reader in the first paragraph.
That calls for knowing your character well and being convinced of what he/she wants as well as what’s standing in the way.