Saturday, May 22, 2015

It doesn’t take much to make me happy.  The Atlanta Braves squeaked by the Milwaulkee  Brewers with a score of 3-2 and yours truly one twice in Bingo tonight.  That’s about as exciting as it gets when you’re 84.  My younger friends cast a look at your future.  

I’m sharing with you my weaknesses.  Its possible they may be your strengths.
I’ve always been rather good at writing dialog and that is a good trait to have.  My weakness has been in assuming the reader would know how my characters are feeling or thinking.  You need to add comments that empower your dialog.  Examles:  Johnny screamed, Mary ran around in circles, the man smirked, the woman stomped her foot, you get my drift I’m sure.
The best thing that ever happened to my writing efforts was  getting a critique editor.  Yes, I play for her services.  My editor does far more than point out what I’m doing wrong.  She’s patient with me and encourages my progress steps.  She doesn’t sugarcoat her responses and I like that in a critique editor.  She also listens to my viewpoint.
You may fair as well by having an on-line friend or belonging to a writer’s group.  Follow whatever suits you best.  The bottom line:  YOU NEED SOMEONE CRITIQUING YOUR WORK WHO HAS A GOOD TRACT RECORD AND AT THE SAME TIME IS A GOOD COMMUNICATOR.