SUNDSY, MAY 24, 2015


We were asked to wear red today, a symbol of fire today.  Through out the congregation different shades of red abounded.  I chose to wear a bright red jacket.  It was my joy to read the morning scripture:  Acts 2:1-4;117-21.

Acts 2:1-4 was the same scripture my father preached from on the same day a bolt of lightning took his life.  He was 31 and left behind a wife and eight children.  The eldest child was 13 and I, the youngest, was four months old.  Mom was 30.

Pentecost is about being united through Christ with your fellow Christians and being engaged in acts that produce the fruits of the spirit mentioned in Galatians.

I love Pentecost Sunday  and the power Jesus gives us to always be in the process of becoming more like Him.