MONDAY, MAY 25, 2015

MEMORIAL DAY is a a holiday that starts promptly where I live at 10:00.  We’re surrounded my men and a few women who have served with distinction in a various wars notedly World War II.  The flag is raised and we salute it have a prayer and sing hymn and the song belonging to all the different groups.  A different  person who served in one of the military branches is highlighted each year.  The session ends with taps and we proceed to the lobby of our main building for refreshments.
Sometime between 12-2 we feast on a special meal and spend the rest of the evening to our liking.

Remember to always keep your main character in the forefront.  He or she is constantly moving to solve their problem but the obstacles get harder and harder.  Everything needs to be seen the  eyes of the main character.  They must initiate all of the actions, good and bad.
Expect to do a LOT and I do mean a lot of revision.  Don’t give up.  Listen to your critique friends.