THURSDAY, MAY  27 2015


I have two contacts from the Ringgold Public Library located in Catoosa County, adjacent to Walker  County.  
I’ll be meeting with the Hamilton County Librarians at Chattanooga’s downtown library in July and attending a Northwest Georgia festival at the LaFayette Regional Library honoring Georgia writer’s  in August.
Today I bit the bullet and ordered 50 more books.  They will sell for $15.00 each.
My Georgia history has led me to three items I’ve been searching for for quiet some time.

I am currently assembling  research data to begin Book II of my Georgia triology on  Trail Blazer, a historical fiction account of Noble Wimberly Jones.  To make sure Book Two corrects well with Book One I’m going back to the last chapter of Book One and will tie Book II into what was happened at the end of Book I.
Even if your book is a single, stand alone work always end your chapters with a cliff hanger, making your reader anxious to turn the page.