Today I attended our annual North Rossville luncheon get together.  More about the gathering  later.  When I went to leave three hours later my car was so hot I had difficult steering.  The steering wheel felt like I was touching a live coal.  I well past the Ga.-Tn line before  the heat gave way to air conditioned comfort.

There’s nothing like a little pre-trip drama.  I had an appointment with my audiologist who comes once a month to assist us with hearing aid problems.  When she started to help me with mine she discovered she’d left something back at her office that she would have to have in order to help me.

Never fear.  Megan came through with flying colors.  Ww exchanged cell phone numbers.
Just as the waiter at Park Place Restaurant was delivering our orders my cell phone rang and it was Megan and her daughter who is studying at UT Knoxville to become an audiologist.  They had what they needed and Megan inserted my new Lyric replacements right there in the parking lot.

I don’t know about you but I call that service over and beyond the call of duty!

We had about 25 attending the gathering.  I had forgotten how much teachers love to talk especially when its about yesteryears or their children’s children.  That staff of dedicated teachers blessed my life in those days and even now in our senior years our fellowship only grows sweeter.