Earth shattering things are happening
Nine people in a Wednesday night were killed by a twenty year old who heart was consumed with hate.
The President of the United States spoke the eulogy at the funeral of Pastor/State Senator Pickney and delivered a comforting message to the bereaved and a scathing, truthful account of racism in America.  PRESIDENT OBAMA CONCLUDED HIS REMARKS BY LEADING THE GROUP IN SINGING “AMAZING GRACE.”
I sat crying but so very proud of my President!
Then the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gays and lesbians having the right to marry in all fifty of America’s states.
Then today the last  fugitive from a New York prison was captured.
Sunday school and church services today were engaging and the pastor’s sermon centered on forgiveness.  The youth returned from their St. Louis mission trip.
I’m reminded of a few words from one of our morning hymns, “There’s a wideness in God’s mercy like the wideness of the sea.”