Sunday, July 5th, 2015



One week ago my doctor confirmed that not only was a a diabetic but my blood sugar level was very high.  The only reason she held off on starting me on insulin shots was because she realized I wanted to try taking tablets first.

I went within the hour to get the tiny machine necessary to check my blood sugar as well as my medicine.  Within the hour I pricked my finger and it read 477.  Believe you me that got my attention!  Around 4:00 that same day I checked it again, after taking a tablet and it had dropped to the 200’s level.

Then I went through a period when I couldn’t collect the blood samples.  Finally my doctor got me hooked up with Guardian Care.  Their representative came by and I answered a lot of questions and signed off on a multitude of papers.  He taught me how to transfer the blood from my fingertip to the monitor/strip and I’ve been successful doing so ever since.

Guardian Care will send someone by twice a week for as long as I need them.   I’m keeping a record of what I eat and we’ll go over  those sheets.  I still have a lot of questions about food choices, etc.  

The good thing is that my blood sugar has dropped 477 to 157!