MONDAY, JULY 27, 2015

I’m working on improving my balance and one of the most important things I learned today from my PT trainer was to put my heel down first  when I take a step.  It seems that if we lead with our toes we’re more prone to have falls.  The other thing I need is to slow down when I’m using the exercise machines.  I can do those two things without any trouble.  She gave me a thorough workout for a solid hour.  I came home and took a quick nap!
Last week the weather kept us away from the outdoor pool for water aerobics.  Tomorrow promises to be great for outdoor swimming activities.
A Catholic friend of mine ask me how it was with me and I answered with my latest blood sugar readings.  She smiled and said, “No, I was asking about your Spirit self.”  I loved that inquiry.  I assured herby soul was healthy and strong and we had several good hugs.  What a delightful ending for the day.