All last spring and summer the mockingbirds chased all my favorite bird friends away.  This year the beautiful yellow warblers are back with four of five of them perched on my feeders eating in the mornings and late afternoons.  My hummingbirds are also back, albeit a tinier version than I’m accustomed to.
Of late my bird feeders have also attracted crows, squirrels, and one rabbit.  I’m not sure which one of them knocked one of my feeders to the ground and ate all its contents.
Suspect No. One from past experiences:  Mr. Squirrel.  They’re so brazen they’re running across the railing on my balcony and even hunting scrap 0on the patio porch.  I’m wishing for a bb gun to scare them off.  I’malso thinking about post a sign that says:  FOR SMALL BIRDS ONLY.  That would probably land me in a discriminatory case.