I got up early, took my blood sugar and had breakfast.  Then I did some collating of manuscript research notes and readied my apartment for it bi-weekly apartment cleaning.  A little before 9:00 I headed over to the main building to be in line for Megan Johnson, my wonderful audiologist, to change out my lyric hearing devices.  They are working wonderfully well!  
At 9:30, actually I didn’t get there until 9:35, I joined all the others who were waiting on me before leaving to bowl not three but four games!  I brought along an apple, a glucerno shake, an Atkins bar and a diet coke.  I wound up eating only the apple and drinking about 1/4 of the coke.  To my surprise my fourth game was my best game.  Only my partner Betty and I bowled over 500 among the women and only one of the guys reached that status.  Betty bowled 504 and I bowled 503.
Later in the evening I went to Walmart, ate supper, and did a few exercises.
There you have it.  A play by play account of my day.  In the olden days Eleanor Roosevelt had a newspaper column she called My Day.  She’d frequently start by saying. “My day has been a lovely day.  I lunched in Montana, had a Turkish bath in Idaho..blah, blah, blah…..”