Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

I’t always fun to get away from home even for two or three days.   For me I’m always happy to get back to my very own nesting site.  Thee days that happens to be at Alexian Village.
Over the past eight years I’ve forged many new friendships that I cherish.
In some sense the North Georgia area is home to me.
Jacksonville is where I go these days to connect with my roots.  I feel so welcomed at my nephew’s home and get to see my sister who is ten years my senior.  In fact she and I are the only remaining ones of my immediate family still alive.  I tease her about being the oldest while I’m the youngest.  She has multiple health problems but remains a strong contender!
On Saturday we met with some of my other remaining nieces and nephews at a local sea food restaurant.  Eating doesn’t get zany better than partaking of freshly caught shrimp, lobster, etc.
It was fun to play “catch up” and to hear new stories of past events.  My clan can really tell some wild stories.  They come by it honest.  Their Grandma Sweat, my mother, was tag her best when she was spinning a yarn.
II’m moving in the direction of writing the first three chapters of Book Two of TRAIL BLAZER.
Sold a book this morning to one of my physical therapists, Dedra.  Her smile  is so encouraging.  It alone makes exercising seem like fun.
The Catoosa Library called today and they’re going to have an author’s day on Saturday, October 10th from 10-12 and they’re invited to be there to present, Behind Enemy Lines.