After checking my blood sugar and eating my breakfast I did a full round of exercises before leaving at 9:30 to go bowling.  We bowled four games and once again I came in first among our four women bowlers.  However, I didn’t do as well as I did last week.  So the next time we go bowling I’m going to pre exercise but not so strenuously and see if that makes a difference.
Upon getting home I prepared my apartment to be cleaned and napped while my able helpers took over.  I had an early supper at 4:30, opting for the omelet bar and then made my way to First Baptist to get a first hand report on their recent trip to South Africa.  WOW!  We sang African songs, played an inclusive game called Teddy Bear, and had our hearts warmed by their glowing reports.
On my way home from church I stopped by Walmart do to some shopping so I won’t need to travel afar tomorrow.  I also picked up a prescription from CVS.


Tomorrow is my final P.T. session and after that I’m in charge of seeing that I keep up the good work they’ve helped me accomplish.  I’m hoping to spend much of my day on a writing assignment  that is due on August 2nd.