We balk at doing the very things Jesus commanded:
praying for enemies, working for justice, giving unselfishly, loving unconditionally, healing hurts, trusting You.

My thoughts:

Wow! Jeff.  You’ve opened a can of worms!  I often don’t take time even to pray for my friends and you want to pray for my enemies?
I talk big time about justice but am sometimes uncomfortable when it comes to taking a positive action in behalf of someone being treated unjustly.  
I do better in the giving unselfishly category.  As for loving unconditionally I suppose you mean for that to apply to everyone, not just my family and close friends.  I’ll have to think some more before responding.
I enjoy being used to heal hurts and to listen with silent love.
Trusting you?  I’m a miserable failure.  I’m always trying to carry the load myself.  Shame on me.
Lord, have mercy.