One of the things I enjoy about my annual trek to the MidSouth Writer’s Conference is getting signed copies of books by authors I know. All four of my recommended books are entirely different both in style and content.

1.  Faking Normal  by Courtney C. Stevens.  This is a Y.A. novel that this Senior Adult throughly enjoyed reading.
Alexi Littrell hasn’t told anyone why happened to her over the summer.  The tale that unfolds chronicles her coping to make the outside hurt more than the inside does.  She meets an unlikely friend in Bodee Leanox who has his own secrets about suffering.  The characters become real and you’ll find yourself bonding with Alexi and Bodie.   Together they channel their brave.
2.  Springs of Hope The Story of Johann Sebastian Bach  by Joyce McPherson. Joyce shares intimate details about Bach’s family and career.  As someone who enjoys reading about those who passed this way before our time I found this to be a delightful journey.
 3.  My Love for You is the Sun.  The story belongs to Julie Hedlund and the art is by Susan         Eaddy.

This picture book warms my heart.  The story line is simply,  my love for you is like….
That’s where Susan Eaddy’s art work comes into play.  Her clay creations of the natural world are breath-taking warm fuzzes.
4.  The Dark Unwinding by Sharon Cameron.  

My travels with Katharine Tulman which began in England, 1852, kept me gasping for air, wondering what was going to happen next.  Just when I thought things might settle in something catastrophic happened.  Just shy of eighteen Katharine has a dire message to deliver to her (?) deranged uncle.  The ending of this novel leaves the reader halfway satisfied but eager to read the next installment of The Dark UnWinding which is ready to be purchased.