I spent a good bit of today sharing my titled character’s new home with potential readers of Trail Blazer, Book II.  Wormsloe offers a brief respite from the dark cloud of war the Georgia colonist were about to engage with the Spanish.  My second chapter of   Days of Reckoning ends with the announcement that N.W. and his Father will leave in two days with their sights on Castillo de San Marcos.  Will they win or lose the battle?
I visited our local Signal Mountain Nursery and purchase a beautiful yellow mum and a smaller wine colored one.  I ale bought a flat of pansies which I plan on planting after supper tonight and before JEOPARDY starts.

Thank you, Lord, for seasonal changes.  Especially thank you for the season we call Autumn.  Scientifically we call this photosynthesis.  It forever fascinates me that dying leaves put on such a dazzling  color show.  I wonder if it isn’t something like that when we humans die.  We die to the familiar, the here and now and the we’re ushered into a new era…Gods era and it will splendiferous!
Jesus died.  Jesus rose from the dead.  Jesus will come again!