I hope my comments here let you know the way I go about doing research.  I prefer to bath myself in my subject, just a smattering want get the job done.
I spent yesterday afternoon, last night, and most of today (Monday) researching General Oglethorpe’s failed attempt to take the Castillo de San Marcos, Saint Augustine, Florida.
I’m needing to get all the activities that occurred in a timeline format and also opening opening up my sensory vibes to the climate, endless marching, boredom,  sickness, new recruits, food, blotched plans, now we have a blockade, now we don’t; now we have Fort Mosa, now they taken it back.
I’m not there yet but I’m getting a strong handle on the specifics, the generalities I’ve known for many, many years.
The troops left from Frederica, not Savannah.  That means my character and his Father had to travel either by a scout boat or a sloop from Savannah to Frederica.
They first captured Fort Diego and camped on the St. John’s River c. 18 miles away (march, march, march).  After returning twice they set up camp near Fort Diego.
Next they captured Fort Mosa.  Unfortunately they later lost Fort Mosa***turning point of the battle.
I need to get very clear in my thick skull the steps O. and his men  followed in retreating back to Fort Frederica.
I love researching but it’s so time consuming!