Yesterday I wrote the first draft of two bios for our Alexian Villager newsletter.   Now the shoe is on the other foot.  I can’t do anymore until I receive back their edited responses of my work.
Last night and for a large part of today I’ve been writing an article about my 104 year old friend Mary Petrillose Harris.  I promise to share her story with you on line when I finish.  To say the least Mary is quiet a gal!
Tonight and tomorrow I plan to devote my writing time to greatly revising my former chapter in Trail Blazer, Book 2, chapter 3, A Battle Plan Gone Awry.  I doubt if I complete it this weekend.  What I need to do is make sure it meshes with the abundance of research I did on Sat.-Monday on Oglethorpe’s time line/events in his blotched attempt to rout the Spanish from Castillo de San Marcos.
Lord, keep me focused and don’t let me goof off just because the rewriting will be difficult. Spread your wings of love around Alan and Timothy as they celebrate their wedding anniversary in France. Be especially close to Carol as she continues to struggles with big C.  Lord,  your good friend Barbara Thomas needs you in a very special way.
Thank you, Lord  AMEN