OCTOBER 22, 2015


Once again Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is being drilled on her action or lack of action in the Benghazi affair.  The only way this investigation(?) differs from previous once is the remarks she made on her personal emails.
Many people, mainly Democrats, believe the present committee, predominately Republican is going after Clinton because she is the top candidate for President  for the Democratic  Party in 2016.
Many people, mainly Republicans, believe she has not told the truth about Benghazi or her emails and is therefore unfit to become President of the U.S.
By the admission of some of their members noted Republicans have admitted their purpose in the investigation ism to discredit the image of Hillary Clinton.
It will be interested in seeing how this plays out with the electorate.  I tend to agree with Bernie Sanders, “We’re heard enough about your dam emails.  Let’s talk about the real issues!”