This past Thursday night and all day Friday I joined with 140 other Baptist in recalling the positions Baptist held during the Civil War.  On Friday we visited the Chickamauga and Lookout Mountain sites involved in the conflict and listened to Park Rangers who carried us through the battle from its beginning to its end.
I must confess that while I started out full of vim and vigor this nigh on 85 year old lady was exhausted when it was over.  I barely got home in time enough to eat dinner with my 5:00 buddies.


On Thursday night I purposefully sat down with a group of people I didn’t know.  They were from Rome, Georgia.  As it is so often true with Baptists we began to make connections.  Our first point of contact was my lifetime friend Helen Holmes Rutchi.  Our friendship had begun in Texas at Mary Hardin Baylor College where Helen was a senior and I was a freshman.  Later in life she and her husband Doug were missionaries in Rome, Italy.  After their tenure as missionaries they retired to Rome, Georgia.
Time passed and one of the guys and I kept looking at each other.  I saw his name tag read Ed Bolton.  That name registered with me but I couldn’t place him in my past associations.  Finally as we kept talking he said, “Claude Mason was my beloved pastor when I was growing up in Macon, Georgia.”   THAT DID IT!  I hopped up, ran over to where he was and we embraced.  Our talking and sharing continued until we left each other atop Lookout Mountain, TN.
I can’t describe how enriched I felt.  It was almost as if my deceased husband had returned briefly for a meeting.  Bless be the tie that binds our hearts together!
Hopefully I’ll have pictures later to share.
Lord, sometimes when we least expect it you shower us with special, delightful tie-ins with yesteryears.  Thank you!