I carefully set my clock, turning it back one hour and even reset my alarm button.  What I didn’t account for was that sometime between 11:00 and 1:00, unknown to me, we had a rather violent rain storm on Signal Mountain.  My electric clock kept blinking.  I never roused enough to question why it was acting up.  Instead I retrieved a battery run clock and placed it near my bed. My morning I had not only missed the one hour due to “fall back” timing I’d missed a lot of sleep peeping at my clock, hoping I’d make it to Sunday school on time.
I would have made it to Sunday school on time if I’d stopped my manuscript researching efforts sooner.
Who ever heard of a Baptist church following the church liturgical calendar that is followed by all mainline denomination.  We do and I love it!
The names of each person in our church family that has died this passed year is honored by having their name called and a bell is tolled.  As their name is called you can stand if you’re a member of their family or a friend.  The first named called was Martha Becton, former head librarian at FBC.  When I first joined FBC I soon went to work in the library and thoroughly enjoyed the many years I worked under Martha’s excellent leadership.  How good it is to remember and to thank God for those who get there ahead of us!
Do you never wonder what they’re doing?  I do.