During dinner for some unknown reason our conversation turned to the names of dogs that have lived in the White House and more specifically their names.  Everyone new that Fala belonged to FDR.  I had no trouble remembering Nixon and his Checker’s speech.  We all recalled LBJ’s His and Her beagles.  But what was the name of Barbara Bush’s Cocker Springer?  Finally Betty excused herself and went over to a neighboring table and asked someone she thought would know about the Bush dog.  He googled it on his smartphone and just as she was returning to our table I blurted out, “It’s Millie!”
With that matter settled we had one more black space.  What’s the name of Obama’s dogs?
We didn’t solve that one at the dinner table but upon getting home I goggled it up and not only found the names of their two dogs but a listing of all the presidential pets from Washington on down or is it on up?
Stay tuned.  Tomorrow I’ll quiz you a few of them.