Have you ever been guilty of flea bargaining with the Almighty?  “Lord, if you will then I will…”
Most of us at some point in our lives have been guilty  of putting pressure on the Almighty.  Hannah did it when she so desperately wanted a male child.  For her it worked.
It seems to me it would be better if when we’ve face with a problem that seems to be marked ‘doomed’ we share with God our raw, unvarnished feelings and leave the results in His hands.
He is above all else a God of compassion and love.  He may or may not answer our prayer in the way we think he should.  That’s because he’s God.  We are not God and will always be in need of  His mercy and love.  
Many times can changes us.  Wrapped in the sunshine of his love and forgiveness so we can live with what we considered doom.  The situation remains the same.  The thing that changes is the individual’s perception of the ‘doomed’ situation.

Today Pastor Thomas asked us how we could get so provoked over what’s printed on a Starbuck’s coffee cup but never open our mouths to share our faith with others.
He suggested some good talking points we need to be provoked by:
We need to be provoked to love others.  Yep, that includes those we like and don’t like.
We need to be provoked  to care.  Caring is no good unless it becomes a visible act such as a hug, handshake, a smile, a pat on the back, a written note, an email…Help me add to this list: