My Sunday school class constitutes my base for friendships and encouragement.  They also support my book writing efforts.  We usually have in the neighborhood of forty member present each Sunday.  Most of the members have spouses.  Their backgrounds includes, physicians, ministers, business executives, lawyers, retired executives, college professors, etc. They’re fun to be with and are great contributors to worthwhile causes sponsored by the church.  Some of us even  participate in on-going mission projects.
The young adult individuals and families of our church bless me in so many tangible ways.  They’re my face book buddies, energize me and are open minded on social issues and involved in  hands-on missions.
The senior adults of my church family share with me their laughter and sometimes their sorrows.  We are blessed as we walk together senior with senior.
Our church staff makes a special effort to make me and other senior adults feel welcomed and a part of the First Baptist family.  I love their smiles and hugs. Franklhy I thrive on them!
The children deserve their own spot so I’ll give to you tomorrow.

Thank you, God for my church family!