I can remember a time when I was playing a dual role as a pastor’s wife, mother of a teen ager and a preteen while teaching school that multiple Christmas parties were not always welcomed.  How many turkey and dressing plates can you stomach in one week?
Every adult class in our church invited us to attend their event.  That was tantamount to an official expectation.  You didn’t dare pick and choose!
That was way back when and now I’m thrilled to be included in any party plans.  So far I have my Sunday school class party tonight and next week we’ll have our Browview party here at Alexian Village.  Browview is the name of the building I live in at Alexian.
My Sunday school class members are friends, tried and true.  They even purchase my books, give me a good chance to view my real self, and accept me ‘warts and all’.
Browview offers me neighbors that I bowl with, often dine with, or meet to to talk, put together a puzzle, etc.  We’re so fortunate to have our own party room.  We call it Club 51.
We’re neighbors!