I married Claude Mason, the love of my life,  on December 7, 1959, at Morningside Baptist Church, Savannah, Georgia.  Since our marriage fell on an infamous day in history it has always been an easy date to remember.  We spent our first night on Jekyll Island near Brunswick, Georgia, and honeymooned at Clearwater, Florida.  We spent our days and nights—- well you know what we spent them doing.
Our marriage brought me a ready made son, Max, who was 12 years old—his mother having died of cancer in 1958.   Eleven months later Alan, our son, was born at Macon Hospital, Macon, Georgia, where Claude served as the pastor of Second Baptist Church. 
Then we left Second Baptist to affiliate with the First Baptist Church of Rossville, Georgia where we stayed for nineteen years as pastor and then pastor emeritus until his death in 1994.  All total we had 35 years together as husband and wife.  
Death separates our physical bodies but the spiritual ties live on and on and on!