Tonight we gather with our extended family at Browview to fellowship, eat and sing carols together.  I’ll take pictures and watch closely what I eat.  Hopefully I’ll make the right food decisions.
Max comes in from Key West on Thursday and Alan arrives on Friday from Healdsburg, CA.

A friend in my Sunday school class sent me a video ofd two children beautifully singing the hymn “He Raises Me Up”.  That kind of Christmas gift can’t be purchased!

I took pictures tonight at our Christmas party and made it a point to go around and say a personal message of confirmation to each of those present as well as our servers.  Give of yourself at Christmas and throughout the year!


I need to have my audiologist put me in a new lyric device so I’ll see her at 9:30.  Then its bowling at 10:00 and at 7:00 p.m. we’ll have our Alexian Dance in the Green Room, fourth floor.