Our biblical passage today was from Zephaniah.  We were asked to recall songs either sung to us as children or that we used to sing to our children.
I had to do some head scratching to remember being sung to as a child.  Finally during dinner time I recalled my oldest brother John letting me ride on his shoulders and the two off us singing funny songs.  One little ditty ended with –“I went right to the preacher’s face and chewed my chewing gum.  Now I recall we sang three”Three Blind Mice”.
Remembering what I sang to Alan was easier.  They included:
Jesus Loves Me
You Are My Sunshine
She’s a Grand Old Flag

I’d reserved tgwo matinee seats for the Nutcracker.  However I ‘d struggled to make it to Sunday school and wasn’t up to snuff during the beautiful worship service of around 100 plus musicians.
We got a bit to eat after  church and while I began feeling better we both decided I needed to  go home and get a nap.  During lunch  Alan took the time to share some deep, affirming information with me that is now in my “forever memory”.  We gave up going to see The Nutcracker performance but what I gained in its place will be a lifetime treasure!
It’s nearly 8:30 p.m. and I’m well on the road to a total recovery.

Try  changing your plans, altering your schedule and listening to the promptings of your heart.  
It makes a terrific gift.