This morning we headed out to the Holiday Inn bowling alley only to find they were flooded with teen age children.  Not even one alley was vacant!
Our activities directors had to be back by 1:00 so we didn’t have the luxury of finding another bowling alley.

From the time we met on Friday night around 7:00 until our last good bye on Monday night my visit with my son, Alan, was a joyous, fulfilling event.  On Friday night we dined at The Chattanoogan Hotel and went over our plans for the rest of the long week end.

On Saturday morning I made a cameo appearance at my church’s brunch fort the homeless.  I assigned myself the job of taking pictures of those doing the work.  I got some good shots and can’t wait to share them with my friends on Facebook.  At 11:00 I joined Alan at his hotel room and we walked over to Fire Works where we met long time friends Ann Dendy and Lori Orr.  Christmas is touching bases with those we love but don’t see very often.  All four of us enjoyed our time together!

I cam home and did a few little jobs and also took a brief nap. Alan came for me around 6:00.  Our destination this time was dinner with our immediate family at Saint John’s Restaurant in Chattanooga.

Those attending were yours truly, Alan, my son Max from the Florida Keys, grandson Patrick and his beautiful new bride Tina, Ashton, Patrick’s daughter, now sixteen and driving, was also present.  With Max’s approval we invited Donna, his first wife, to join us.  Alan and I hadn’t seen Donna in at least ten years!  It was a sweet mix and we exchanged lots and lots of hugs and smiles.

We we were ushered up to our table it was adorned with a beautiful Christmas floral arrangement (for me) and individual smaller containers for the other females.  This is a signature Alan touch—thoughtful and loving!

I’ll tell you about Sunday and Monday tomorrow.