I woke up Sunday morning with a hangover.  The trouble being all my system had in it was H20.  My blood sugar count was good.  What was going on?  I pushed myself to meet Alan for Sunday school and church, even though my stomach was having fits.
The special musical for Advent, 3rd Sunday, was beautiful.  However I spent a lot of my time trying to figure out what was going on inside me.  My energy level was very low.  We cancelled our matinee  to The Nutcracker.  After eating a bit of onion soup I felt better.  I drove home and took a deep nap.  I  woke up feeling much better.  I did next to nothing for the rest of the afternoon.
Then came Monday our shopping mall trip.  Alan bought me an Apple IPhone that will take me months to figure out.  It loaded with apps and I’m eager to try them all. I’m well on my way, thanks to a lot of preparation by Apple dealer where we bought the iPhone and Bob, our in-house Epbfi helper.

I also used my Belk’s gift card and bought a beautiful black dress, stockings, and a gold scarf.

I’ll try to download our pictures of the great weekend tomorrow.  They are currently on Facebook.