I woke up to a stormy, rainy Christmas Day.  It’s now 9:45 p.m. and it’s still raining.  Our main road is closed because of flooded conditions on our main thoroughfare from Signal Mountain to downtown Chattanooga.
I decked myself out in one of my new Christmas dresses and along with the Matthews and Nita we rushed over to the main dining hall.  The food was delicious and we enjoyed seeing many friends who were also eating in the 12:30 a spot allotted to us.


My husband hadn’t been dead long and Alan insisted that I spend Christmas in San Francisco.  I think it was 1994.  We had tickets to see a marvelous production of The Nutcracker and I was sporting down a new white wool coat given to me as a Christmas present  from Nordstroms  located on San Francisco’s main square.
As we were rushing to get to the performance a senior man walking down the sidewalk  tipped his hat and said, “You’re looking mighty spiffy!”   He went on his way and likewise so did I.  I must confess it boosted my ego.  
Likewise in the dining hall I had lots and lots of positive feedback on the new dress, matching stockings and my white scarf that I go in Italia about ten years ago. 
More yesterdays memories are coming tomorrow.
WallfleHouse with Parkers
Joici and I at WaffleHouse