dog heaven
TITANIA is the matriarch of the Alan/Timothy tribe.  I can remember when she was a tiny bundle, a picky eater and in the self-district mode when given a toy.  Look out!  If the toy was stuffed so the air was filled with cotton.  At RMH the first change I noticed in Titania was she ate all her food.  The difference being the addition of SUE, a pup who was going to be put to sleep.  However, Timothy wouldn’t hear to that.  What he has done with training this dog is a  remarkable story within itself.
Titania soon learned that left out food was gobbled down by Sue.  Self preservation is interesting.
Both of the dogs growled loudly when newcomers arrived but we were soon met by wagging tails and usually a toy in Titania’s mouth, waiting to be thrown so it could be retrieved.  Gradually they camped down on the sofas in the living room and snoozed away.   I learned a lot about non seeing dogs from Timothy and Sue.  It’s a good thing I did for it wasn’t too long before my precious beagle, Ms. Cleo, became totally blind.

I enjoyed our daily dog walks, too

In Berkeley we often had Christmas dinner at Berkeley’s top hotel.  Their cuisine consisted of food to die for.
At RMH we dined at a Inn featuring a Victorian English Christmas that  included costumed singers, elegant food, great guests, and happy memories.
Shopping sprees:  I always returned from all my Christmas trips to California laden with  great gifts, most of which I’m still enjoying fifteen years later.
I could write much more but I’m going to end this Christmas segment tomorrow with Alan/Mom Christmases @ Chattanooga and Signal Mountain

RMH Christmas feast  My Coat Jacket, a gift from Timothy/Alan