I no longer travel to California during the Christmas holidays.  Instead, Christmas comes to Signal Mountain-Chattanooga, Tennessee.  This is the third Christmas Alan has visited with me for an extended weekend during December.  
On the first of his Christmas visits Alan arrived in Chattanooga around 4:30 p.m. and we had dinner together at Saint John’s.  The following day we had a brunch for several of my Alexian friends at Club 51, Browview.  That afternoon we went shopping mainly at Coldwater Creek just outside Hamilton Mall and we ate dinner with Lori and Ken on Signal Mountain.  On Saturday night we hosted Ashton, Patrick and his friend to a steak dinner at Mary Chris’s.  On Sunday Alan attended First Baptist for Sunday school and  the worship service with me (a special blessing). It was the first Sunday of Advent.
On our second Christmas Alan hosted a dinner for a special group of my First Baptist family Sunday who had rendered special graces to me during my cataract surgery.  We dined at 212 Market Street. For our mall visit I got a big 29 inch I Mac computer–a dream come true!
My most memorable Christmas gathering in 2015 included our extended family on Saturday night.  Patrick and his wife, Tina, Ashton, Max, my son who lives in the Florida Keys, and Ashton’s grandmother, Donna Carver Mason. Prior to that event  I took pictures of our homeless workers and we had lunch with two friends who formerly attended First Baptist of Rossville during the time my husband served as pastor. Sunday included our First Baptist together experience.  We were due togo to see a performance of the Nutcracker that afternoon but I came down with a case of the droops.  So  the two of us  had a quiet luncheon date and I ate a little french onion soup. While we were eating Alan shared with with me a treasured bit of information that far exceeds the extravagant, wonderful gifts he constantly lavishes upon me.  His words ring in my ears throughout the day and even when I have one of my sleepless nights.  WHAT A SON!  WHAT A TREASURE!   I’m glad I felt puny that morning.  I came home to take a nap and Alan visited with David and Carolyn Helms, dear friends of his from Rossville First Baptist days.
Monday had been designated as my shopping day.  This year I got an I Phone.  I don’t mean just any iPhone.  I got an Apple I Phone VI plus.  I’ve learned a lot of its features and almost every day figure out something new it can do!  
Tomorrow I’ll wind this series up with some scenes from yesteryears I don’t ever want to forget and  share some concluding thoughts.