Lately it seems the harder I try to get all my assigned jobs done the further behind I get.  For example:  It’s only January 13th and I’m lagging behind in blogging.  I’m sorry.
Let’s see on Monday Alabama, once again,  ho-hum, won the College Super Bowl.  Clemson did a great job and I must admit I pulled for Clermson!
Last night President Obama gave a masterful speech and grand lady governor of Alabama also made a great speech.  I wonder if Mr. Trump and Cruz’s ears are burning?
To be honest and I’m sick and third of the debates, encoring, etc.  Just think of it.  We have a whole year to listening to all the mudslinging!
Thanks to Emily, Chrisman, Community News Assistant Editor for Signal Mountain.  She did a full page review of my book Where the Rabbits Dance that is due to be published in March and also talked about my previous book, Behind Enemy Lines.  Previously Emily did an article on me when my memior Tarnished Haloes, Open Hearts was published in 2008.

I’m still working sort of Chapter three of T.B. book 2