Today was a repeat of yesterday in some ways.  It’s still icy and we here on Signal Mountain were enveloped in fog.  The sky was one color from daybreak to nightfall:  a limpid gray.
Inside the confines of my apartment it’s warm and cozy and if one can ignore the rantings of CNN and Fox News it has been productive.
I’m fleshing out chapter six of Trail Blazer II:  Oglethorpe leaves colony permanently and returns to England and Mary Musgrove Matthews Bosomworth threatens to kill Savannah’s leaders and take over the colony.   What happens when a friend becomes your arch enemy?
Especially for me I must put N.W. Jones at the heart of all this, even if he probably wasn’t a key player.  Watch me weave my lies!  If I leave him out of the conflict I know what I’ll get back from my editor.  Where was N.W. when all this was going on, what was he doing, how did he feel about it—be specific!  
I’m going to try.  Wish me luck!
Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be better but rainy.  We could yet get some white stuff on Saturday.