JANUARY 23-24, 2016

We had snow on Saturday.  The grassy areas at Alexian were covered and the top portion of my Toyoto  was fully covered.
I spent the entire day in my apartment.  I even didm”t go to the dining area to eat.  I even didn’t go to Bingo last night.  My neighbor and friend called.  “Are you okay?,” she asked.  “I haven’t seen you out all day.”
I assured her I was fine just erring on the side of being super cautious.
Today I skipped church also.  My car was still top covered in snow.  That was my excuse. 
Sundays never seem right without my going to Sunday school and church.  I probably could have gotten a ride to Sunday school but I wouldn’t have been able to stay for church.
There”s something about corporate worship I find very appealing.
Today I put together the skeleton parts of chapters six and seven of Trail Blazer, Book 2
My sister Kathryne’s birthday occurred on January 25th.  She died several years ago.  We used to talk  on the phone every Saturday night for many, many years.  Kathryne always wanted to know if I’d won in bingo and if I did how much money did I make.  She also delighted in telling me about her trips to get a small ice cream cone at the Diary  Queen.  Now that I’ve been declared as a diabetic I understand more fully what that little trip meant.
Plans are underway to celebrate my 85th birthday that happens on Feb. 24th.  However the celebration will be in May coinciding with Mother’s Day.  WOW!